Looking for an Organizer for CAA Reunion

Where in the World is CAA Alumnus Waldo?

The CAA is looking for individuals who would be willing to organize an event in a city or region with which they are very familiar and are therefore able to offer a unique experience for participating members. Examples are the CAA reunions in Vienna, Budapest, the Netherlands, Bend and New York.

The events usually run for four days over a weekend and include tours, events, meals, transportation and sometimes hotels (or at least one hotel at a group discount rate).

The organizer will recommend a complete itinerary, determine costs and eventually book the various venues. The central CAA organization will work with the organizer on the itinerary and budget. The CAA will promote the event and register and collect the fees from the participants. The CAA will pay the vendors directly or reimburse the organizer if it makes sense for him or her to pay.

If you want to share your love and familiarity with a special place, please contact Ken Jablon.