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Bob Adams

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Leslie Bains

Jean Marc Bara

Lisa Barbaro

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Kathryn Barrios

Amy Braden

Ken Brown

Janice Browne

Thomas Buda

Stewart Cahn

Victor Castellano

Norman Chester

Henry Chin

Ada Ciniglio

Dot Coddington

Greg Coleman

Chuck Connell

Bob Costa

Mary Ellen Costello

Cathy Crowley

Bill Crusoe

Harrison Davis

Antonio del Valle

David Dempsey

Natalie Dengler

Len Dmitrienko

Tom Donahue

Bill Douton

John F. Doyle

Paula Durand

Vicki Elliott

John Enteman

Stephen Eulie*

Dick Fama

Charlie Farrell

Tom Farrell

Joanne Febbraro

Bob Felten

Federico Florentini

Mary-Therese Dickson Florentini

Rob Friedman

Steve Friedman

David Gibson Moore

Dennis Glavey

Keith Gorda

Janice Grant*

Cheryl Greenhalgh

Peter Hanson

Eric Hasselman

Libby Hasselman

Tom Hayne

Gary Heinze

Paul Heller

Cathy Hellowell

Paul Hemminger

Bill Hoar

Terry Horn

George Hufnagel

Steve Hunter

Claire Irving

Priscilla Isambert

Ken Jablon

Holly Johnson Stuhr

Stephen Jurcsek

Stephen J. Jurcsek

Thomas Jurcsek

Ted Klingos

George Koo

Bob Krug

Renee LaRoche-Morris

Howard Leavitt

Beth Levinsky

Wayne Lewis-Hutchinson

Chris Loomis

Carmelo Macannuco

Charles Maikish

Anton Mallner

Robert Matthews

Ron Mayer

Kevin McCann

Fred McCarthy

Tom McCarthy

Tim McGinnis

Karen McMahon Fredrickson

Louise McNulty

Rosanne Miskow*

Bob Mitchell

Mary Molloy

Antonio Monteiro

Bill Moran

Ed Moran

Tom Mulligan

Bill Nipper

Bruce Northrup

Shivraj Pamal

Greg Parris

Kimberly Parris

Martin Poole

Martha Post

Ed Regan

Lendo Regan

Catherine Reilly

Eileen Robbins

Bruce Rosborough

Joe Salsberry

Gerry Scales

Randy Schafer

Linda Schloss

Karl Schmidt

Stan Schrager

Wendy Segal

Jane Seifert

Robert Shurman

Tony Singleton

Joe Sinzer

Lillian Snower Beacham

Phil Sorace

Ellen Steinfeld

Larry Stirling

Gene Swanzey

Steve Tocci

Megan Tracey

Vivian Tramontana

Cyril Valdez

Patricia Veneziano

Sean Verity*

Frank Volpicelli

John Ward

Jeanne Warner

David Weisbrod

Muriel Wenger

Eileen Wolinsky*

Steve Wolinsky

Herb Wollowick

Zhen Zhou*


Register for June 5, 2018   
CAA NYC Spring Reception


The members-only CAA NYC spring reception will be held on June 5, 2018 on the 50th floor at JPMorgan Chase/270 Park Avenue, from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Due to the recent death of his wife, former Chase President Art Ryan will not be attending as scheduled. He has committed to attending the CAA Fall reception in New York.


The June 5 reception is free but reservations are required. Registration is now open.


We realize that many alumni registered for the event expressly to see Mr. Ryan. If you have signed up but now will not attend, please notify us at