From the President

John A. Ward III

WELCOME to the Chase Alumni Association — and the CAA Web site.  Our members belong to the CAA in order to:

  • stay in touch with colleagues who share a common past;
  • keep abreast of what former colleagues are now doing,
  • network for an always unknowable future.

Our Association is organized by geographic chapters that organize regional events for members.  If you are traveling to a distant city when a CAA event is scheduled, you'll be especially welcomed.

As a member of the CAA, you have access to our members–only features on our Web site, including an online members directory —certainly a Who's Who of banking and finance—and photo albums

CAA members, of course, includes more than people who just worked for Chase Manhattan. You may have worked for Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, Bank One, Texas Commerce, Washington Mutual, JPMorgan or any other previously merged bank. We also welcome current Chase employees.

Periodically, the CAA organizes reunions and events designed to bring together all our members. Such was the gathering of Chase Alumni for the Vienna Ball season in 2003, the successful October 2004 weekend in New York (attracting 288 Chase alumni, spouses and friends from around the world), and our 2007 CAA Rendezvous in Bend, Oregon, and Budapest, Hungary. We've had two reunions in "the Netherlands you don't know" and a 25th anniversary reunion in New York City. We will have a reunion in Portugal In October 2016.

For many of us, our days at Chase remain a source of pride and fond memories. They can also be a source of future contacts, intellectual stimulation and a renewed sense of connection. If you are like me, the colleagues you worked with at Chase have become good friends and reliable business associates.  If you are a former Chase officer and haven't joined us, we hope you will do so soon.

All of our Board Members can be reached through  Our equally hardworking and indispensible Chapter Coordinators are listed on their respective chapter pages.

I hope you will reach out to me and the CAA team to share your thoughts and suggestions as to how we can improve, expand and better use the human assets of our Association in ways that benefit all of our members. Volunteer for a project team to explore new offerings, such as organizing charitable activities, planning a winter gathering somewhere warm, or arranging CAA reunions on a specialty cruise ship. Everything is open to exploration!

We are always looking for volunteers to contribute articles to our Web site, to share updates on activities of individual Chase Alumni, to greet members at our various events, and to help in our efforts to improve and expand our electronic capabilities. This Web site should be a virtual clubhouse for our members worldwide, where they can exchange news, ideas and — via our online classifieds — even some of their needs. Please help make it current, and make it part of your regular online reading.

John A. Ward, CAA President