First Gathering of Chase Alumni in Naples, FL Area

(It Even Gets Cold in Florida)

A group of a dozen or so Chase Alumni within easy reach of Naples, FL, got together for an evening drink at the Naples Beach and Golf Resort Hotel on February 19, 2015 – the first such Chase Alumni gathering in the area. It was organized by CAA Director Leon Desbrow.

It was the coldest day of the season (with an overnight low of 38 degrees – we can hear the New England and New York area alumni snickering), so the group opted for the Lobby bar rather than the Beach bar and managed to convert the area into a typical Chase happy hour – actually for a couple of hours.

Included in the group were Stewart and Dolly Gager, Carol and Bert Hapgood, Jeff Sell, Dennis Glavey, Bob Weiss and his wife, Liz, Richard Mounce, Chris Carlin, Hans Heinsen, Christine Villas Boas, Leon Desbrow and, as Leon puts it, "a few other important people".

Leon reports the group plans to have one more event this winter season, probably in early April.