In Memoriam: Jim Zeigon, 69

Former Senior Exec for Chase Global Services

James "Jim" Warren Zeigon, 69, former Senior Managing Director for Chase Global Services, died at his home in Newport Coast, CA on August 5, 2016.


Zeigon grew up on Long Island where he received his undergraduate BBA degree from Hofstra University and MBA from Adelphi University.


His distinguished and successful career in finance spanned over 40 years. He was a highly experienced and effective executive for a range of major global financial and operation services businesses. His international expertise and leadership spanned nearly two decades, enabling him to live overseas for over 10 years in South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong and England.


Zeigon joined Chase in 1976 as a Vice President and worked his way to hold several senior executive positions including Senior Managing Director for Chase Global Services. He was also an Executive Vice President in charge of the entire Private Bank around 1992/3, with a number of seniors reporting to him.


He then served as a Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GIS for Deutsche Bank AG. During that same period, he was also the Vice Chairman of the Global Transaction Bank and a Co-President of Bankers Trust Corporation.


His community and industry involvement included acting as Chairman of New York Clearing House Steering Committee and Director of Avistar Communications Corporation, as well as serving on the Board of the Depository Trust Corporation. He enjoyed Asian art, architectural restoration, singing and golf.


He was predeceased by his wife, Annie, and is survived by three sons and a daughter and three grandchildren.


Below: Zeigon (left) playing golf in Rio in the 1990s with Fernando de Moura (center), then head of personal banking for Chase Manhattan in Brazil.






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From David Gibson-Moore: Very sad news to hear of the death of Jim. I got to know him very well when I was Chairman of Chase Manhattan Suisse and head of Private Banking Europe Middle East and Africa. We were undertaking a major restructuring and series of cut-backs. This is always a challenge and can be quite dispiriting. Reporting to Jim, however, made the whole task much easier with his great and very effective support. Amazingly good advice and encouragement was always available. He had a wonderful, successful career with Chase and then Deutsche Bank. God bless you Jim and may you rest in peace.


From Roger Griffin: Jim was head of Asia Pacific Operations & Systems in Hong Kong based in the Area Office during my first stint in that great city. He did two things for me. He was the first “Ops” guy I’d met who clearly was considered, and considered himself to be, “part” of the business. He abolished the “us” and “them” distance between the Front Office and Back Office as implied by Joe Murphy elsewhere. And what a breath of fresh air and salutary lesson that was to those of us who had grown up on one side of that divide. Second, and I can’t remember any of the specifics and it’s a different planet now, he helped us, or me anyway, enter the computer era. Telexes were our primary communication device and typewriters with memories were a revelation. Jim and his team changed it all, and I thank him for it, as well as for being an exceptionally nice guy.


From Joe Murphy:  Jim was a special guy who helped so many of us advance at Chase...New Year's Eve 1978 - Hong Kong, B.C.C.: Jim invited a newly arrived family to his Mid Levels flat to welcome in the new year. Thus began a friendship and working relationship lasting three decades. Jim was a "common man", self-effacing and always seeking new experiences. We all shared his learning curve – tennis, singing, acting, antiques. Adult beverages required.

    His four children, however, were the nucleus of his life; always the first topic of conversation as we continued to meet through all these years. 'How are the kids?' was the first question, and he listened intently as we bragged in return.
   Reviewing his career accomplishments demonstrates how extraordinary this common man was.  Starting in so-called "Back Office" Operations at Citibank, Jim earned his way to business leadership positions at Chase and Deutsche Bank, living on four continents while traveling to more countries than most.  
    Dona and I offer our condolences to Brendan, Kara, Jack and Noah and the extended and expanding Zeigon family. 


From Anthony Salvatore: Jimmy was my boss and also a very close friend while he lived in NYC. He told me a real friend was that person you call at 3 am. He said I was the one. Jimmy was instrumental in sending me to London and Hong Kong. He was a good guy.


From Carl & Viki Gustavson: Good Man. Good Friend. Rest in Peace, Jim.


From Brahm Nirgunarthy: It is very sad to hear of the death of Jim Zeigon. I learned a lot working under his stewardship when he headed Global Consumer Operations. I remember fondly many of the interactions with him. I can never forget having dinner with him in Geneva discussing the project that I was involved with there. I also was appointed VP during his leadership. I offer my condolences to his family.


From Lywal Salles: I  had the pleasure to have worked for Jim Zeigon and owe him  several  opportunities in my career at Chase such as consumer country manager in Chile and Brazil. Jim was a charismatic leader, a demanding boss, and, more than anything else, a true friend. I enjoyed every minute of my working relationship with Jim. I will always remember him in my prayers.


From Surinder Singh: I was shattered to hear the news! We first met in 1977 in Hongkong  when he was Head of Asia-Pacific Operations & Systems and I was Country Operations Manager. Our association continued through four years in Hongkong and then again for four years in New York. Jim was a magnificent person, an inspirational leader and a true friend. He was a mentor throughout my Chase years. Three years ago, my wife and I had lunch with him in Newport Beach, and it was wonderful sharing stories of those terrific professional years. This is a huge loss for Jim’s circle of friends and associates. My deepest sympathies to his family.


From Tony Singleton: Jim was a wonderful person, great leader and mentor. Too young to leave us, he will be fondly remembered. My condolences to Jim's family.


From George E. Keenan: We first met Jim in 1977 in Tokyo.  A good man, a good boss, remembered fondly.



From Tony Paris: I first met Jim Zeigon in Taiwan in January of 1979. I loved working with him and the last time I saw him was in the early nineties in New York City. A true gentleman. A great loss for the world of banking operations.


From Graham Dickson: I was very junior in FBCB South Africa in 1975, but Jim wanted me to update his graphs on his wall covering controls and productivity metrics. I loved doing it and telling him things were improving. He told me I might go places and with a bit of luck I have done so. I bumped into him in Tokyo a few years later and he could not believe I had done something with my career. He was a real gentleman. I just found out he passed away and may he RIP.  (12/12/20)