John Scicutella

John V. Scicutella was larger than life…not only in physical appearance, but in his deeds and actions. That is why when he died on April 26, 2004 at age 54, he created a larger than average void in the lives of his family and friends.

At 6 foot 6 inches, John had a towering presence and a personality to match. He was a quick thinker, a fast learner and a crisp, albeit ‘colorful’ communicator. You never wondered where John stood on an issue. He was either a firm supporter or a formidable opponent. Either way, he was passionate…and whether you won or lost an argument with him, he respected you for taking a stand.

John joined Chase Manhattan Bank in 1970 at the suggestion (and recommendation) of his future wife, Phyllis Didio who was then working for Chase in the Personnel/Employment Department. He started in the Accelerated Career Training (ACT) program and became its poster boy by working his way through the ranks and ultimately becoming the Bank’s Corporate Technology, Operations and
Human Resources executive.

He earned his BBS degree (at night!) from Fordham University in 1971 and an MS from Columbia in 1979.

John joined Prudential Insurance Co. in 1995 as O&S executive and shortly thereafter assumed responsibility for the HealthCare business as well. Later, he became CEO of Prudential Individual Financial Services. During his tenure, revenue exceeded $17 billion with a staff of 35,000 employees. As a stand-alone company, PIFS was among the 100 largest companies in America as ranked in the Fortune 500.

John left Prudential on his own terms and of his own accord in February of 2000. Later, he started J2K Partners, which specialized in executive placement and consulting services. He was on an assignment for Freddie Mac in Virginia when he died unexpectedly.

John will long be remembered for cheering for the underdog, lending a hand… or an ear… to someone in need, and for his fierce loyalty to friends.

Despite all of his professional achievements, if you asked John to identify his three biggest accomplishments, he would quickly answer… Lisa, Lynn and John, his children.

Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Phyllis and all of his family including his 3-year-old grandchildren Una and Oliver at: 23 Horizon Drive
Wayne, New Jersey 07470