In Memoriam: Reggie Parson, 75

Worked with Chase in Fort Worth and Houston

Clyde Reginald (Reggie) Parson, 75, who spent several years with Chase in Fort Worth and Houston, died March 15, 2019 after a more than six-year battle with multiple forms of cancer. He lived in Farmers Branch, TX.


According to former colleague Sig Byrd: "I first met Reggie in 1968 when I joined TCB. Reggie was a pioneer in the implementation of technology at TCB. He was a Customer Service Representative when I first met him and later he became Manager of Customer Service. Reggie was an innovator and leader in the automation of community banking at our many suburban and out-of-town banks. He understood the fact that this was different from the main bank. Of course, this was especially different since we had no branch banking in Texas at that time. Each bank was a separate entity with unique and different needs based on their market location and customer base. When we converted to branch banking, he was a leader in this as well. In addition, he was a leader in the implementation of TCB automated systems at many of our Correspondent banks in Texas. He understood and facilitated our unique relationship with these banks and with TCB’s correspondent bankers. Throughout all of these changes, Reggie was always a leader in advocating for Technology Services to provide excellent and seamless support and services for these many and varied banking entities. When we were in the business of providing online services to Savings and Loans, Reggie was a leader again.

     Later, after the Chemical merger, Reggie’s role changed again after he was transferred to Dallas."


Born in Houston, Parson is survived by his wife of 30 years, Lori Getter Parson, and a son.


A memorial service will be scheduled for a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.



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