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From Alan Folley: Robin passed away, peacefully, after a long illness. He was a longstanding member of the Chase and subsequently, JPMC family, and served them wonderfully well over his near 47 years with the bank. He had a memorable career at the bank, in later years as a Managing Director of the Risk Team, covering credit and operational risk for Custody, Treasury Services and Trade Finance for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. He also held board positions for the Trustee company and JPMC Ireland and was a trustee of the bank's pension scheme for many years. His calm authority, professional integrity and dry wit will be missed in the bank.

     He was a close personal friend of many years standing. We joined the bank within 12 months of each other and became friends in the early 1970s, a friendship that has lasted ever since. He will be sadly missed by his family, Linda, Mark and Alex, and all of his friends.
From Jumbo Jewitt: I had the good fortune to be a colleague and, over time, a friend of Robin, from 1991 until his death. He was one of the good guys, stoic in the face of ill- health, an insightful and pragmatic credit executive, and always with an impish sense of humour. Blessed with that priceless gift of common sense, he was an influential member of my EAME management team in the late 1990s and early 2000s, providing calm and thoughtful advice to a fast growing business. His mentoring of younger colleagues contributed greatly to our success.
    I last saw Robin a few weeks before his death, at lunch with a few old colleagues. He was on good form, if a little tired. I am proud and grateful to have known this fine man, and my deepest sympathies are with Linda and the boys at this tough time.
From Christopher Carlin: I was terribly saddened to hear of Robin’s passing. We were “across the pond” partners for many years in an attempt to manage the credit risk generated by the payments, trade, clearing and custody businesses at JPMC. He was incredibly knowledgeable, supremely dedicated and reliable as could be. We always knew we could count on Robin to insure the firm’s standards were applied against the constant stream of “wonderful" new product ideas that emanated from our business colleagues, or, perhaps more importantly, in responding with his team to what seemed at times like a never-ending series of crises...from 9/11 to 7/7 to the near meltdown of ’08 and the great recession that followed. Yes, he could be impenetrably stubborn at times, but always on principle, and always with an incredibly engaging wit that softened the few disagreements we had over the years. I know Robin’s patience was tested regularly by those of us at Head Office in those days, but his ability to understand and appreciate the nuance of the language and cultural differences between London and New York, coupled with his superb communications skills, were of tremendous value and a significant contribution to the success of the businesses he supported. I will always be grateful for Robin’s patience with me and for the many lessons he taught me. All of us who worked with him will treasure the memories we have of his constant professionalism and dedication despite his health issues. Rest in peace Robin…you were a champion to me.  
From David Weisbrod: Robin taught me so very much over the many years when he was on our global credit team. A professional with high moral standards and impeccable attention to the details of our craft, Robin was a craftsman with a masterful understanding of the intricacies of the custody, trade and payment products. During the 2008 crisis, he was a partner who worked seamlessly as the book got passed back and forth across the ocean. He served the Bank so well under the most challenging of circumstances. On the personal front, he tried teaching me about cricket. While we were in Australia together on a business trip, he patiently explained the workings of the Ashes, and in exchange I insisted on his coming to a baseball game in New York, where he and his sons did a much better job figuring out how our national pastime works. Robin: We will miss you; you have served well; may you rest in peace.


In Memoriam: Robin Saunders, 66


Robin Saunders, who spent nearly 47 years at Chase and JPMorgan Chase, died May 16, 2019 in England after a long illness. He was 66.


British by birth, Saunders attended Beckenham and Penge Grammar School. He worked for Chase primarily in London and retired in March 2018 as a Managing Director for JPMC. He had been a trustee of the Citizens Advice Bureau since December 2017.


Please read under "Remembrances" for his friend Alan Folley's recollection of Saunders' career.


He is survived by his wife, two sons and a grandson.