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From Larry Shields: I have very fond memories of Alice. She was the CFO of the Corporate Bank and was very proud of her nieces and nephews. She was also instrumental in facilitating an opportunity for me to enter the corporate credit training program at Chase from the Chase Legal Departure, where I was the chief budgeting officer. As a result, I ended up spending 25 years at Chase, for which I will always be very grateful.

In Memoriam: Alice L. Berry, 80

We just learned of the death of Alice L. Berry on April 28, 2015, at the age of 80. She had lived in Davie, Florida, where she had served on the board of the home owners' association of Oak Knoll.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, she started at the Chase Manhattan Bank at 17 years of age, eventually becoming Deputy Controller of the Corporate Bank and North America Corporate Finance before retiring in 1996 before the merger with Chemical Bank. 


She was predeceased by her husband, Richard Berry, and survived by his three daughters to whom she was a second mother, two grandchildren and a great grandson.