Global Credit Training Class of 1970: 50th Reunion Lunch & Life Updates

October 22, 2019 at Manhatta (in the building that was 1CMP)

The reunion, organized by Joe Murphy, Ed Cooper and Ken Brown, drew 17 graduates of the 1970 Chase Global Credit Training Class.


Click here for the first batch of "life updates" from members of the class.


If you're a member of the Class of 1970 (or one of the teachers) and still want to share news of your last decade, please send your update and photo to



Pictured  clockwise from the front left, are:

Jack Brown

David Kuhn

Alban Schuele
Brooke Newell
Paul Simpson
Carter Booth
Ken Brown
Alan Delsman



Keith Kanaga and

Bob McDonald

Barry Sullivan
Joe Murphy
Ed Cooper
Tom Hamm
Laura Calhoun
Tom Lamonica
Rick Trepp