In Remembrance 2019


We remember these Chase alumni

whose In Memoriams were published in 2019*,

or whose deaths we were notified of in 2019:


Hilda Baré

Felix Beck

Alice L. Berry

William H. Burgoon

Barbara Capsalis*

Michael K. Cark

Nancy S.Q. Chang*

Henry Clarkin

Frank Cox

Laura Ann DeAtley

Jacques Desbiez

Edward A. Farley

John F. Jerow

Bruce Cameron King

Robert Laport

Marion Rosellini Moeller

Richard K. Moore

Tim Olmstead

Brian D. O'Neill

Reggie Parsons

Sam Preston

Robin Saunders

Walter Shipley

Augusto J. Sigarreta

Joel M. Stern

Neil Tedder

James A. Therrien

John Tracy

Richard P. Urfer

Paul Volcker

Tony Walton

Anyone wishing to share a remembrance of any of these alumni

should send it to  


* Some of these alumni died in prior years,
but we only learned of their passing in 2019.