"The report of my death was exaggerated."


In June 2016, we were sent a sorrowful, admiring and loving email announcing the death of Richard H. Moskowitz two days before his 64th birthday, on July 24, 2015.


We published the following: "He had moved from Newport Beach, CA to Las Vegas, NV before his passing. According to his former colleague Liz Johnson Hanson, 'Rick was known for his extraordinary intellect, and among other acknowledgments, achieved the rank of Vice President at Chemical in record time.' During his stint at Chemical, from approximately 1980 to 1985, Moskowitz led a startup venture in Chemical Bank’s Metropolitan Division to deliver capital finance to major commercial real estate tax syndications."


Well...it turns out Rick is still with us!


Hanson wrote to us this week: "It turns out Chase Alum Richard M. Moskowitz is not dead, as I reported here several years ago. He is a government agent fighting financial crimes, and the death notice I saw was part of his cover. I've since seen him at the NYSE, NY Fed and elsewhere."


Our apologies to Mr. Moskowitz and wishes for a long, healthy life!


As people are often curious about what will be said about them after they're gone, we will republish Hanson's remembrance below. It just won't be part of an "In Memoriam"!


From Liz Johnson Hanson: Rick was revered in the global finance community as an innovator of sophisticated structured financial solutions which he pursued with a passion for excellence.  He was tapped as Chief Investment Officer to turnaround a failing hedge “fund-of-funds” with $1.5 billion in assets (Collins Associates – Newport Beach); served 10+ years as CIO at McKinsey & Co where he managed the partners’ investment and pension interests; and led a startup venture in Chemical Bank’s Metropolitan Division to deliver capital finance to major commercial real estate tax syndications.  

     He humbly attributed much of his success to Wharton where he earned an MBA in Finance “with Distinction”, and for whom he was a perennial leader in alumni fundraising.  Prior to that he received a degree in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern where he also worked on nuclear power plant solutions. 

    In his personal life Rick was first and foremost a devoted father, serving many years on the Board of Rutgers Prep where his daughter attended from an early age.  His other interests were eclectic, ranging from personal investments in radio and film to sports cars to fine wines to music to rare Tibetan art, and he pursued each with an unrequited drive to master all the intricacies, a characteristic which also distinguished his auspicious career. Rick took great pride in being able to “teach myself anything” and shared that gift as a zealous mentor of colleagues, who also enjoyed his quick wit and dry sense of humor… often deployed while holding us to his exacting standards. Rick Moskowitz will be sorely missed.