In Memoriam: Vincent Dole III, 76
Worked for Chase in NYC and Rio in 1970s
The CAA mourns the passing of its member Vincent (Vince) Dole. Vince had metastatic melanoma for several years and died in his sleep on October 25, 2020, at age 76. He lived in Delray Beach, FL.
Dole joined Chase in 1973, and in 1974 he was assigned to Chase’s Direct Lending Office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he worked until 1979. He left Chase to start, together with his wife Geneviève, Dolefam Corporation, a Gourmet Food brands business.
Many will remember that he and Geneviève joined CAA’s “The Netherlands You Don’t Know” reunion in 2010.
He is survived by his wife.
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From Jean Marc Bara: My wife, Marianne, and I will miss Vince dearly. We first met Vince and Geneviève in Rio de Janeiro, when we both were part of the tightly knit Chase expatriate community working in Rio. After Vince left Chase, we were lucky to continue our friendship. While we lived far apart from each other, thanks to Vince and Geneviève’s travels, whether for Vince’s Rye Country Day reunions or for National Food Shows related to their business, or even when we happened to be traveling to the same country, we were able to keep in touch.  I always looked forward to catching up with Vince. Vince had a witty dry sense of humor, a broad interest in world affairs–he was a true globalist in the sense that Chase used this term–and in U.S. business and politics. And both of our families are foodies.  A couple of anecdotes follow. 
     When Vince left Chase to start a collection of food brands, I assumed he was connected to the Dole Food Company. I was wrong. I then learned that Vince’s father was the doctor whose research in methadone led to its use in the treatment of the withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction. Also, soon after I first met Vince, I heard from another good friend a rumor that Vince had worked for the CIA. I asked Vince about it, and he flatly dismissed it.  Over the years I would hear the rumor again, and again Vince would dismiss it as a crazy rumor. His dismissals were funny and very credible. We remember Vince fondly. My condolences to Geneviève and family.
From Jeffrey Wheeler: I met Vincent when he joined the Chase Direct Lending Office in Rio de Janeiro. My late wife, Leslie, and I were fortunate to enjoy his and his wife Geneviève’s friendship from that time until his passing. Vincent was a unique individual. His sunny and entertaining personality was matched by great intelligence and empathy. I will always appreciate Vince and Geneviève’s making the effort to visit us while my wife was ill, also with brain cancer. It was a special treat to have the chance to visit Portugal with the Doles just a year ago last October, where we were fortunate to meet up with Wolfgang Fenkart-Froschl and his wife in Porto.
     Of the many benefits of working at Chase was the opportunity to meet and work with outstanding people. Vincent was one of those. He enriched our lives, and he will be greatly missed. Condolences to Geneviève and their family.
From Frank Reider: The passing of Vince Dole is a great loss. After working together at Chase in Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s, we became lifelong friends. We had dinners together, both at my restaurant in Delray Beach, where Vince lived, or at his home where Geneviève prepared her special meals.
     We shared similar views on politics and wine, and dry humor, the latter being one Vince’s many strong points.
     In the last eight years, we mostly had wonderful lunches where the time flew by.
     Vince was a fan of my book, and we were to get together to discuss it when he got the sad news that his condition had worsened  For me this is an irreplaceable loss, and I once again send my sincerest and deep felt condolences to Geneviève and family.