CAA Frankfurt: Thanksgiving 2021 

After having to skip last year's Thanksgiving feast because of the pandemic, CAA Frankfurt is happy to renew the chapter tradition.

November 25, 2021 at 6 pm

Frankfurter Golf Club e.V.
Golfstraße 41
60528 Frankfurt a.M.

Thanks to our member Günter Grehl, we can once again enjoy a very sporty goose, optionally accompanied by a soup and / or lamb's lettuce beforehand and then an apple ring parfait as dessert. The side dishes are classic dumplings and red cabbage.


The goose is very careful, though: The 2G-rule applies in the clubhouse -- no exceptions!


It is important to register or cancel in a timely manner. A registration is only binding if the advance transfer for the 3-course menu in the amount of € 42.00 per person, excluding drinks, has been made. As always, drinks run on a self-pay basis and are paid for on site. Please let us know in writing of your definitive commitment to participate by November 19, 2021 at the latest, at the same time transferring money.


Questions and RSVP to

Here's the invitation in German and RSVP form.