Thank Goodness for My Chase Medical Kit

Do You Have a Story?

From Steve Hirsch (SVP, Chase 1967-1999): It was 1986. I was Vice President, Division Executive – Western Hemisphere Service Products.  My responsibility was support and promotion of Service Products throughout the Western Hemisphere, particularly for Chase’s cash management program called Infoserv.

     My assignment took me to Brazil. One particularly memorable visit ended with my trip to the airport to catch a plane back to New York.

     That particular day, I had a very bad cold; nose and eyes running, coughing. I was a mess. As usual, I just placed my luggage on the conveyor belt and proceeded through the security system.

     Oh no no. Not so fast. The security agent took one look at me and asked me to step aside.

     Next thing I know, a security agent, looking like Columbo, asks me to follow him. He takes me, and my luggage, to a room where he asks me to empty my pockets and open my luggage.

     After a comprehensive pat down, I try to explain that I work for the Chase Manhattan Bank and I’m here on business. I told him, as best I could, that I don’t speak Portugese. He got very angry and said he doesn’t speak English and told me I’m in Brazil. I know. Given the symptoms of my terrible cold, I’m sure he thinks I’m on drugs and, perhaps, transporting drugs. All I could think of was Midnight Express.  I saw myself being taken away to a remote Brazilian prison.

     Then it happened. The security agent saw my Chase medical kit…logo on top. He checked the kit for illegal drugs–none to be found. Then, without saying a word, he escorted me past the

Security system, back to my gate.

     That Chase medical kit saved me from, perhaps, more time in Brazil than I ever wanted to spend. 

     A true story that I still think about. The Chase medical kit: the best perk Chase ever gave me.

From Nancy SaurOn a trip from the San Juan office to the Rio office, I, along with several other people who stayed in the same hotel, came down with, let's just say, some sort of "bug" whose symptoms were unpleasant, especially whilst traveling. 

     Out came my medical kit and I was able to slow my symptoms sufficiently until I could seek medical attention in Brazil with the support and assistance of the DSDR staff of the Rio Office!  Thank you to the team, Dr. Dolecki and the Chase medical kit!



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