Stock Programs

U.S. JPMorgan Chase Benefit Programs

To exercise options (including Value Shares) and access information on options (including Value Shares) and Restricted Stock grants, go to Then select Stock Program Home Page/Stock Programs Web Center.

You can also exercise stock options (including Value Shares) by calling the Stock Programs call center at Compushare at 1-800-982-7089 from 9am to 3:45pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, except on certain U.S. public holidays. From outside the United States, call 1-201-329-8297. You can exercise stock options on the phone through the voice response system, or, for an additional fee, through a customer service representative. Former expatriates may need to use a form to exercise stock options.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

ESPP and all other stock programs can be accessed via the following numbers:

Stock Programs Call Center
Outside the U.S.: 201-680-6862
TDD 1-800-231-5469
TDD Outside the U.S.: 201-680-6610
3am-9pm ET, Monday-Friday,
except New York Stock Exchange holidays

For information on treatment of awards, you should call the Executive Compensation Customer Service line at 1-212-552-6000.

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