In Memoriam: Gordon Lissauer, 58

Chase Credit Training (CC3)

The CAA mourns the passing of its member Gordon Lissauer, who died of a heart attack on March 27, 2009.  A resident of Greenwich, CT, he was 58.

Lissauer joined Chase’s Credit Training program in New York in 1972 (CC3) after graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in Political Science and Economics. While at Chase, he worked in commodity finance and the Global Credit program.

He left Chase in 1974 to join Thyssen Steel, in Germany. He later worked for Merban Bank in London, Associated Metals in New York and Houston, and Emesa in New York. In 1990 Lissauer founded a steel products trading company, Jamar International (named after his two sons, Jared and Marc). At the time of his death, Lissauer was running Jamar, together with his son, Jared. Lissauer is survived by his wife, Carol, and their two sons.


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Jean Marc Bara: Gordon was a great conversationalist and had a keen sense of humor. He was a sharp political observer and could find the humor on almost any current event. His memory will always bring a smile to those who knew him, as he was the life of the party in any social situation.