In Memoriam: Elisabeth H. Schwabe

Led Mortgage Unit

Elisabeth H. Schwabe, 56, a former managing director of JPMorgan Chase, died July 14, 2009.

Known to friends and colleagues as Lisa, she joined Chase after her 1974 graduation from Fairfield University. 

Colleague Karen Keating recalls her beginning "in Finance or Audit or some similar function.  She then went into Credit Audit and then was in Financial Institutions most of her career.  For many years, Lisa led the bank's mortgage banking team and was widely recognized as one of the industry's leading experts in this sector.  She joined Corporate Banking in old Chase just after the Chase/Chemical merger and then retired about five years ago as a managing director of JPMorgan Chase. She was a true professional, with great credit skills, and was highly client focused.  She will be missed by her many friends and colleagues around the firm and in the financial services industry."

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From John G. Leddy  Fairfield Univ 1971, educator (certified bil/esl/gt 1-6; spanish 6-12): Lisa was Class of 1974 at Fairfield U, CT.  I met Lisa on campus when she was a sophomore.  Her beauty and natural intelligence made her a campus sensation, even in a (first ever) entering class of young ladies outstanding in both areas.  She skipped her senior year of high school so she was only 16 as a freshman. She was totally non-stuck up despite long line of suitors, always serious about her education: 'Wednesday, hmm, okay (dinner date request), but I have a meeting of the psych club at 8'. She had a glow and an easy, friendly smile.  Almost Texan that way. We had a Lisa lonely hearts club – dufuses and losers trying to work up the courage to ask her out.  Then when you did, it was: 'oh sure... mmhhh ... when?"
    Her generosity and support for Fairfield U students, alumni and the institution itself were legendary – $25k, $35k a year.  Years later, 25 to be exact, we met up again.  She just loved Chase and the people there.  Made it sound like all her success was due to the excellent personnel and career development people they have there.  Fretted over an Australian client she was trying to get in touch with.  As usual, she acted as if everything I said somehow had immense value, original insights.
Her best friends, like Diane Jarmusz, were also beautiful and successful brainy ladies.  They raised Fairfield up from a
jock/suitcase campus school to the fine, sophisticated, worldly and yet still spiritual place it is today.
I'll never forget her.  How could I?  She was truly unforgettable every way.  God bless you.