Another Blast from the Past

"The Chase Is On" -- Hear It on YouTube!

The CAA has created a YouTube channel so you can hear a recording unearthed by CAA member Joan (Scandurra) Polcari, of the 1980/1981 Chase Manhattan ad campaign, "The Chase Is On."  It was created by Wells Rich Greene.

To hear the recording, click here

Ken Jablon recalls, "This was the background sound to  a then 'state-of-the-art' slide presentation given to Chase branch personnel and other employees in the auditorium at 1 Chase Plaza. There were about 10 slide projectors that were programmed to project rapidly many hundreds of scenes from the New York metro area – iconic and neighborhood scenes, branch photos and branch personnel.  (That's why there is so much music without words.)  It had references to inflation, which was more than 10 percent at the time, and the Bowery Saving Bank, which no longer exists."

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Having a YouTube channel means we can now upload other audio and video, if any CAA members have pertinent materials.  If so, please contact