In Memoriam: Samim Y. Zarali, 84

Tax Consultant at Chase for 24 Years

Samim Y. Zarali of Edison, NJ, passed away on March 8, 2011, at the age of 84.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Samim was the quintessential Renaissance man – a young athlete, a musician and an intellectual. His career began in banking with the Turkish Yapi-ve-Credi Bank. In 1959, at a young age, after opening and later managing a new YVC branch in Istanbul, he was presented with an opportunity to relocate to the United States. He graduated from Truman State University in Missouri and later studied for his MBA at NYU while working for Chase Manhattan Bank, where he was a tax consultant for 24 years. 

Samim loved people, especially those who seemed unable to help themselves. For his humanitarian work with the Toward Community, an organization that provided social support for alcoholics, he received the Chase Manhattan Bank's Outstanding Citizens award in 1971, earning accolades from David Rockefeller.

Samim is survived by Elizabeth Zarali, his beloved wife of 40 years and a CAA member; his sisters, Bercis and Acun; his brothers, Ergin and Mete; his extended family and many, many friends. Mr. Zarali was preceded in death by his son and daughter.  Memorial donations may be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (800-822-6344), tribute number 27055600.

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