In Memoriam: Kris Krishnan

26-Year Veteran of Chase

The CAA mourns the passing of its member Kris Krishnan.  He died of a massive heart attack while in India on January 19, 2012.  He was a resident of Nesconset, NY.

Starting at Manufacturers Hanover, he was part of the Chase family from 1975 until 2001, retiring as a vice president.  He worked in the corproate controller office, regional banking and middle market banking.

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From Shri Tilak: This was indeed a huge shock to me personally and I am sure his friends and colleagues at JPM Chase will feel the same way.  We all loved him dearly not only for his fine business knowledge but for his compassion, honesty and a great sense of humor. He will be sorely missed.

From Chester Myszkowski: I met Kris during the Chase Chemical merger. He and Shri Tilak and I had to coordinate some of the financial reporting of the products between the two banks. He was a very dedicated and kind man who was very helpful to me in helping to make the integration of the two banks successful. We would have lunch together and he would remind me that he liked to eat other types of food than Indian.  He was patient and generous with me. During a high pressure and stressful time you could not find a a more sanguine person than Kris. He gave us confidence.