CAA San Francisco Bay Area, February 8, 2013

Remarks by Tony Walton

The San Francisco Bay Area of the CAA held a special evening on Friday, February 8, 2013 at the well-known Il Fornaio restaurant in San Francisco, featuring remarks by and discussion with Chase Alum Tony Walton, Standard Chartered Vice Chairman. Jack Evans got recognition for traveling the furthest to attend the event. Other attendees were Sam Mills and his wife, Lyz Ferguson, Michael Bianco, Judi Webster, Vinnie Zinck, Vic Reizman, Bill Criss and Chuck Adams.

Tony was excellent in providing insights on a number of topics of great interest including but not limited to the opening of Myanmar to the internationalization of the
Renminbi. All in all, it was a most informative and enjoyable event.

Clockwise from left: Jack Evans and Tony Walton; Judi Webster, Lyz Ferguson and Sam Mills; Tony Walton, Michael Bianco and Vic Reizman