Opportunity to Teach Chinese Bankers

Training Organization Formed in NYC

An institutional training organization specifically for bankers has been formed by Jennifer Gao to bring together leaders of the Sino-U.S. banking industry to exchange points of view and perspectives on the industry, and for seasoned U.S. bankers to share best banking practices with Chinese peers. Jennifer is married to Tony Walton, former Chase SVP Trade and Export Finance (1979-1983), and a former CAA Board member.

TABA also conducts classroom training in New York City for these Chinese bankers on various topics. There is an immediate need for instructors in the following subjects in Q3 and Q4 of 2013: Treasury Products, Liquidity Management, Financial Statement Analysis and U.S. Banking Regulations, all at introductory and overview level.

Starting in 2014, the range of subjects will expand to include: Capital Markets, F/X Management, Cash Management, Dollar Clearing, SME Lending, Commodity Trade Finance, Risk Management (Credit, Operation, Enterprise, etc.) and Mobile Banking, as well as subjects involving “soft” skills, such as HR Management, Business Etiquette and Communications. Hands-on knowledge and ability to share professional experience highlighting best practices is central to TABA’s mission.

Instructors will be well compensated. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Jennifer Gao or Tony Walton directly. Please indicate your subject of expertise and send your CV.