Original In-House Announcement of 1 CMP Construction Plans

The Chase Manhattan Magazine, February 1956

Click here to read the article from the February 1956 issue of The Chase Manhattan Magazine that announced plans for 1 CMP.

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Thanks to CAA member Barbara Petrizzo for sharing the magazine with us.

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From Ed Moran: I worked as a page/clerk (Brokers Loan, Check, Credit) for three summers at the bank starting in my high school summer of 1955. The following two summers many of us peons used to spend our lunch hours (Mission orange soda, meatball hero) sitting outside watching the construction, which was mainly below ground. The crews had a great deal of difficulty with the excavation of the four sub floors because of underground streams. The pumps were going constantly. I remember that at least one sandhog was killed in the collapse of a wall or tunnel.
     As a page, one of the necessary qualifications was the ability to navigate through the maze that resulted from joining the old buildings (Pine, Cedar, William Street). "Let's see now, if I need to go to 20 Pine 18th floor, I need to take the elevator at William St to the 16th or the 17th floor ???"
     Years later, when I worked for John Archibald, I used to kid him that I delivered credit folders to him when he was a credit analyst in the SDP program. He complained that made him feel really old. So I reminded him of that fact on a regular basis.