CAA Belgium's Fourth Reunion

Antwerp, October 13, 2023

From Marc Smits, CAA Belgium chapter coordinator: The Chase Manhattan Bank NA was very present in the Belgian banking world in the 1970s and 1980s.
Several young Belgian university graduates were recruited in this period, and most of these persons kept informal contacts with each other.
The fourth reunion was held on October 13, 2023 in the beautiful and classy rooms of  'Salons Schoeters' in Antwerp. It was such a pleasure meeting up, and Colette Selfslagh gave a great keynote speech.
Colette Selfslagh (photo, left), educated in Louvain, Belgium, is Managing Director, Global Market Infrastructures at J.P. Morgan, out of London.
 Photo below, top to bottom and from left to right:
*    Guy De Knop - Eric Vandoninck
*    Albert Maasland - Leo Janssen
*    Annette Vermeiren - Jean-Louis Appelmans - Freddy Deman
*    Annick Trienpont - Roland Legrelle - Jean-Pierre Butaye
*    Wim Vercruyssen -  Ignace Vanden Bulcke - Jean-Pierre Mellen
*    Thierry della Faille - Colette Selfslagh - Freddy Bouckaert - Anne Leclercq - Geert Costers
*    Philippe Latour - Marc Smits 
Below: Wim Vercruyssen, Philippe Latour, Anne Leclercq, Geert Costers
Jean-Pierre Mellen, Jean-Pierre Butaye
Thierry Della Faille, Leo Janssen
Colette Selfslagh, Freddy Deman,
Guy de Knop
Ignace vanden Bulcke, Eric Vandoninck, Jean-Louis Appelmans, Albert Maasland
Annick Trienpont, Roland Legrelle
Annette Vermeiren, Freddy Bouckaert



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